Stay Grounded

by Robbie G

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Robbie G's album "Stay Grounded" is his 4th album to date.

It's part of a 4 album series covering the elements: water, earth, air and fire.

The subject matter of the album deals with everything from pollution, to politics to prison. Tackling topics that most rappers shy away from, Robbie is assertive in his delivery and displays a great understanding of how the world works as well as a deep appreciation for the variety of life. It's a very personal and honest reflection of Robbie G's life growing up, he talks about being raised in a broken home, dealing drugs and learning from the mistakes of his past to create his present and future as an emcee. With features from artists such as Joell Ortiz, Dub FX, Moka Only & Reef The Lost Cauze, the album provides a wide range of sounds and is sure to have songs you can relate to and enjoy.


released September 11, 2015




Robbie G Guelph, Ontario

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Track Name: Make It Without You ft. Kristy Landry - prod. by C-Lance
Make It Without You

Verse 1
I try to walk takin' footsteps / what's the cost of this life, yo we look stressed / always see the bad, never recognize the goodness / never satisfied wit what we got, think what we could get / we wanna have a good time with the time that we got / sometimes we get off on a ride and think why did we stop / if we kept goin' maybe we could rise to the top / maybe we could make it in the eyes of our god / maybe we could make it to a cryin' little child / 'cause his daddy and his mama ain't tryin' to let him down / they tryin' to figure out a way tomake it work for him / it's strange he's only 3 but he's still very observant / the parents of a person givin' birth in the first place was crazy / they never expected to have a little baby / and they got to take care of him, can barely take care of themselves / the Love has died, now their life is a livin' hell /

And I don't know how to say this / but the break got my heart breakin' / and I don't know how I'll make it without you / and I know I just lost my dream / I can't even fall asleep without you, without you /

verse 2
now they gotta learn to move on, daddy got a new job / also got a new home now he got two homes / grand dad just passed put his hand on his tombstone / sometimes he feelin' too alone / grew up fast, a badass always doin' wrong / hat backwards spittin' gum that he chewin' on / headphones on listenin' to a song / the only way to feel calm in the middle of a storm / his head's heavy but he better be ready to take on the world whenever the time calls for it / he's high on his high horse, five course meals beefin' up makin' sure he eats enough, never let his mind fall short of / his full potential / however don't let fear get ya, peer pressure can be so influential / I'm no Nostradamus but I can predict his future / I'm not the one who saw it happen I'm the one who went through it

Verse 3
Time passed my badass got locked up / for sellin' weed & sellin' coke then the cell was shut / it's a story I don't tell enough / learn from my mistakes, the words that I say, about the first time that I fell in love / I thought that I had the woman of my dreams / and in 6 months she was remembered as nothin' but a fling / I don't know if love is what it seems / feels good when you have it, sad, when you don't know what it means / most relationships are over in a week / with a high, goodbye and a nice to meet you / hard to find what in life completes you / lookin' back on what my mom and dad been through / I understand how findin' a wife ain't so simple / tell me how do I begin to jump into somethin' new here / last girlfriend that I had only lasted 2 years / but who cares, I didn't write this for you to feel sorry for me / just a small part of the life story of Robbie G /