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This is a song about violence against women. I made it because I feel that this is a subject that doesn't get discussed enough and needs to have more awareness so that we can bring an end to it. It's pushed under the rug and hidden. It happens to often for it to not be something we need to deal with and create a change.
Talking with many women I found out a lot of the females who were close to me, family, friends and even partners had experience in the past with someone who abused them. Whether physically or emotionally and the pain it had caused affects these women even to this day.
I hope the song can help in some way get people to see this is an issue we need to bring attention to. As a man I feel the only way to change is to recognize the affects of it and learn to deal with situations in a better way when getting into arguments or fights with our partners. We should never have to resort to violence or overpowering another human being in any way. whether a women or a man. if being attacked and put in a position where we need to defend ourselves do just that. But violence should never be the go-to option to display any sort of dominance.
I tried hard when writing this song to not come off as some sort of white knight coming to the rescue of women in distress. I really feel passionately about this subject and hope to inspire men who have been abusive to women in the past to change their ways.
To all the people out there who are very helpful and supportive to their partners I give you props and wish you much love!
Thank you for listening.


Madness lyrics

Verse 1:
I heard of guys who be losing it/ abusin' the woman that they be choosin' to move in n have a future wit/ this no movie script its real life drama dads hittin' mamas/ causein homicide, another life lost in it/ children left as the witness n the victims/ with all the damage to the brain when a hands raised to hit them/ some men were raised different learned what they dad does/ and its not a good influence if he boozin n on mad drugs/ makes you wanna pack up and leave/ you act up get smacked up, that last one left a mark that nobody can see/ cuts into the soul and makes ye bleed from the heart/ feelings of love n hate ye can't keep 'em apart/ I see that it's hard and can tell that we got pain/ but you don't wanna end up like Denzel in He Got Game/ you don't want to make a huge mistake/ get mad n lose yer brain, just step back, move away.


You beat her you don't win, why did this madness ever begin, ooo

This Madness, This Madness

I'm terrified, yet I look inside your eyes and see, all you are is

Madness, You're my madness

Verse 2:
Girl if you been stuck in that cycle/ when you start feeling that yer living with a fuckin' psycho/ say peace bad boy you better learn to become a man/ it's not about what he says it's what he does wit his hands/ I'm just sayin' if you got in you can get out/ at first you thought you knew him but you don't get him now/ stand up for yourself and you will watch him fall/ no matter what you did you don't deserve to be hit yeah it's not your fault/ I'm not amused with these dudes who/ try to go n use you, abuse you, no one should love you more than you do/ I saw the beatings, some were just brutal/ get out before you're headed to the funeral/ a man should make his woman feel safe and feel loved/ if he can hit you then what else is he capable of/ it makes me sick, to hear about guys who raise their fists/ claiming that they have the upper hand in their relationships


Verse 3:
The type of pain that got you going insane/ feelin' lonely again heart's more broken than his picture frame/ you're gunna be ok, you didn't need him anyway/ his love was like a poison I.V. needle into veins/ as he's reminiscing on the past he'll feel guilty/ while you're remembering what it's like to just feel free/ feel the wind blowin' through the trees how fast it is/ feel how growing from seed you found happiness/ when you're caught in the madness, you see how sad it is/ and how that once you got past it you feel better after it/ nothing in life will ever turn out immaculate/ a difference between perfect and worth it, do the math on it/ one in four women experience this on average/ a scary stat considering we're the other half of this/ so men let's man up, speak out against the silence/ let's make amends, make an end to domestic violence


released May 3, 2014
Produced by: D-Rec (
mixed by: Relic (




Robbie G Guelph, Ontario

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